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Beautiful Item

The bracelet was exactly as described, perfect for what I was looking for. Work it everyday since I bought it😁

Popped chain

Barely touched my chain and it popped. Can’t return it or anything, but it looked decent while it lasted. Not sure I would repurchase this chain at all.

Shitty customer service

Great product but shitty customer service and customer relations, took a month to get what was supposed to be delivered in 3 to 5 business days,so false advertisement on top of it,will never order anything else, there are a few companies with the same product and way better customer service, thanks for the product but eat a dick before I use your company again!!!!!

Iced Nautilus Watch 18K

I ordered last month on the 9th and still haven’t received it or any information about it

Way too small and took forever for delivery

😕 I didn't like anything

Wrong product

They are nice but not what I ordered,I ordered screw back and got regular push back, I ordered a 30 inch white gold chain and got a yellow gold chain,then I attempted to reach out and got no response at all,now you want to send me questions about your company and product, get the fuck out of here and conduct business better

Horrible company and product

Horrible product and terrible customer service requested refund and no response. Took a month to get product had no response from company at all. Terrible

Took a month to get to me

Slowest processing and shipping I've ever seen. I've ordered stuff from China that showed up faster than this. As for the quality of the piece, it FEELS quality, but the plating wears off HELLA fast and the links are COPPER which WILL turn your neck GREEN. Mine faded after 3 wears. Not what was advertised at all, but it sparkles like crazy.

I love the pendant

Really respectable lots of comments I wear it every single day it's one of my favorite personal possesions

Very good!

Very nice. Looks real. Good job ❤️

Backside engraving

I truly love your alls work it’s always stunning and I can’t wait to come back for more! My husband said it was the most thoughtful gift he’s ever received and that’s when I knew I chose the right place 🤞

Backside Engraving
Rayshoun W.


Great product!!

5 star jewelry, love the metal and diamonds. Would def buy again in silver! I wear it every day and it hasn't tarnished!!

I didn’t get my chain refund me ASAP

Luv it


Stones come off

I wanna know how long it took for people to get their orders. I've been waiting for almost 2 weeks now and contacted them with no reply.

Subzero Ring 18K
Damien H.

I never received any items

9mm Iced Cuban Bracelet 14K

9mm Iced Cuban Chain 14K

Glowing DNA Pendant 18K x Moissanite

Amazing pendant

heavy and shiny, nothing to say. Too bad the tracking while shipping was not working

Size chart

It’s too big on my wrist wish you guys had a smaller size

I think I ordered the wrong chain to suit